User Manual

The recommendations for the users of Ludwik Styl furniture – natural and ecological products.

Following these simple guidelines will help you preserve the beauty and soundness of your furniture for generations of use:

  1. Wood furniture is constructed to allow for higher temperature in modern apartments, but cannot be exposed to direct heat. We recommend at least 1 meter distance from a heat source (heaters, portable electric heaters, etc.)
  2. Any dirt should be removed immediately
  3. Use protective padding under items creating extreme heat, cold or moisture to avoid damaging the finish and making stains.
  4. When writing use placemats to avoid scratching the surface
  5. Furniture should be placed on a level floor. Otherwise it might adjust to the surface and change its shape.

Lacquer finishes furniture treatment

We recommend using natural wax-based pastes, neutral or your furniture colour. Apply thin layer of paste wax with a soft cloth along the wood’s grain. It should be done regularly, a minimum of 3-4 times a year, depending on how intense the use is. Waxing the furniture surface not only preserves it but also enhances its beauty. Concerns colours: L1, L1NF, L2, L3, L3P, L4, L5, L6, L8, L9W, L12, LC12.

CAUTION!!! For colours: L3S, L5S, L8M under any circumstances you are not allowed to use wax-based pastes. To protect the surface it is allowed to use i.e. Pronto wood balsam.

Oil finishes furniture treatment

Furniture with oil finish is much more sensitive to any debris then lacquered one. Therefore it demands more careful usage. The oil layer is thin and might partially soak in the wood. IT IS NOT A FAILURE and cannot become a ground of complaint! Oil should be applied once every 2-3 months, until it does not seep into the wood. Otherwise the surface gives an impression of being not finished. Please make sure to apply oil evenly to avoid causing darker spots.

Concerns colour L9.

Raw and unfinished surfaces do not have any protection from dirt provided by manufacturer.

We suggest using LIBERON wax pastes and wood oil for wood furniture treatment.

In case of minor scratches, nicks or dings caused by usage we suggest using wax pastes that may fix little damages. With major dents please contact qualified specialist or our company quality department (contact information you can find on our website)

Please do not use:

  • Any preserves or cleaning chemicals that are not for wood
  • Any sprays

100% oak wood furniture – natural and ecological product

During the finishing process of natural oak wood the irregular colour shades and minor scratches may appear which only enhance the beauty of the product and cannot be grounds for a complaint.

Take into consideration that the handcrafted technique of aging the furniture make it very unique and two pieces will never be the same. Generally the darker the colour is, the more visible the aging effect is.

The furniture exposed to direct UV light might change the original colour after a while. Excess and long-term humidity or overdry air can also have a negative influence on wood.